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RAN has in its DNA the concern with nature and has developed a sustainability project, which guarantees that we revert to nature a part of our services and experiences.

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Our sustainability project aims to ensure that we receive the corks that our customers send us, as a result of our experiences and services  and that we finance the planting of trees by volume of consumption.

RAN's mission is to help, promote and develop the world of wine tourism and winemaking.

Cork comes from the tree and we believe in recycling cork from stoppers, which allows us to plant new trees.

For us, if it comes from nature, it has to return to nature!

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RAN's vision is to preserve nature and act in an ecological, balanced and responsible manner.

Our sustainability project aims to raise awareness among our customers and suppliers to actively contribute to this purpose, among other initiatives we will help, by receiving stoppers from our experiences, convert them into trees.

We will also help with part of the value we receive from each experience sold, directing this money to plant trees.

Each and every one of us, we must assume a vital attitude in the fight for the preservation of our Earth.

We all have to take care of the environment, cork has environmental advantages, so we can say that cork is nature, because cork is renewable, 100% biodegradable and recyclable. ​

Together we will help our Planet and preserve Nature!


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