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This Wine Route was designed for 1 or 2 days of travel along the Douro river 

If you want to know a wine route other than this one, talk to us and we'll help organize it!

Places to visit

Peso da Régua is less than an hour and a half from Oporto... it is the ideal place to start a wine route through the Douro. it is in this location that we will find the national road 222, probably the most beautiful road in Portugal. It follows the river all along, always with unbelievable views over the Douro valley, over the vineyards and the wineries. ​


Pinhão is the heart of this entire Douro region. It was around this village that many of the wineries and wine producers that you can visit and discover were developed. The train station is a building from the sec. XIX well worth the visit. This is where trains from Oporto arrive, as an alternative to coming by car. ​


The north bank of the river has more winding roads and it is on its slopes that most of the vineyards can be found. The views of the Douro river are amazing. Our suggestions for visiting Cellars and wine tasting are mainly on this riverbank.


This Wine Route was designed to allow you to discover the Douro region, with tranquility, enjoying the serenity of the landscapes and also to know the wines, the producers, and understand what is at the base of some of the best wines in Portugal. ​ The Wine Route can be done in a single day with departure and return to Oporto, or in a more relaxed way, spending a night or two in the Douro valley and getting to know the places and wines with greater tranquility.

We can help you organize your Wine Route and suggest the best places to stay and visit depending on your preferences and tastes. If you don't want to drive, we can also arrange transportation.


To customize your experience contact us at [email protected]

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