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This Route was designed for 1 or 2 days of travel through the Alentejo If you want to know a route other than this one, talk to us and we'll help organize it!

Places to visit

The city of Beja is located about two hours from Lisbon and just an hour and a half from Faro. As we get closer, the 40 meter high castle tower of Beja begins to impose itself on the landscape, still far from the city.

This Wine Route was designed to travel through one of the areas with the greatest production of quality wines in Portugal. In addition to the wines, when strolling along this Wine Route, it will be impossible to escape the typical gastronomy and be amazed by the landscapes that you will visit.

On the way to Portel, you will pass by Cuba and Vidigueira, two well-preserved small Alentejo villages well known for producing good wines. Along the way, the landscape will be dominated by vineyards and olive groves as far as the eye can see. Portel has an imposing castle that defends the very white houses that are drawn along the slope. Near Portel, Alqueva and in particular Amieira beach are prominent places.  

Along this route, in addition to the vineyards and wineries that are a constant, there are also numerous restaurants with traditional food and excellent wine cellars where you can taste some of the best wines that these lands produce.

Continuing the route, we pass Moura, one of the oldest cities in Portugal, with its Moorish legends and centuries of history. Known for its olive oil production and quality wines, it is an excellent place to visit and spend the night.

Leaving Moura we can choose to return to Beja or visit Serpa. This option is ideal if you are making the route in 2 days. Serpa is a city with more than 2000 years of history, clearly visible in the streets, houses, monuments  and which we recommend taking time to visit. It has incredible restaurants that highlight and elevate the typical cuisine and wines of the region.  

Along this wine route, don't miss the opportunity to visit the producers, taste the wines and meet the people who created them


This Route was designed to allow you to discover the Alentejo, with tranquility, enjoying the serenity of the landscapes and also to know the wines, the producers, and understand what is at the base of some of the best wines in Portugal.

The Route can be done in a single day with departure and return to Lisbon, or in a more relaxed way, spending a night or two in the Alentejo and getting to know the places and the wines with greater tranquility.


We can help you organize your Wine Route and suggest the best places to stay and visit depending on your preferences and tastes. If you don't want to drive, we can also arrange transportation.


To customize your experience contact us at [email protected]

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